Connector is a new digital platform to support artist-to-artist touring and presenting, peer-based residency hosting, resource sharing, and relationship building among NET members in the United States. 

A community-centered, custom-designed mobile app and website, Connector is an online tool for NET members (individual artists, ensembles, students, and value-aligned affiliate organizations such as universities and host venues) to co-create a new national model for touring, making work, and sharing skills and resources. 

Connector allows the NET community to interact and engage via your phones, while on the go, and inside of rehearsal rooms -- all with the goal of creating stronger relationships and networks. The app functions like a “dating site” for ensembles, facilitating matches, making introductions, and prompting virtual and in-person interactions.

Rooted in a DIY approach, Connector harnesses the collective DIT (Do It Together) strength of our network to formalize and expand the informal practices that have long occurred within the NET membership and the larger field of collaborative art-making (i.e. ensembles presenting other ensembles or hosting each other for residencies, creating multi-city circuits and informal reciprocal visits between two or more companies or locations, trading and sharing skills and resources, etc.).

Connector creates a new currency of exchange that considers and encourages alternative economies (barter, trade, share, and free offers) in addition to traditional cash-based arrangements. It helps NET members share with and support each other, whether you're meeting up for remote connections online, traveling, or engaging within your home communities. An additional suite of online resources (including sample contracts, templates, and other administrative and artistic best practices) are offered through the app to encourage successful interactions.

By identifying and easing pathways for direct artist-to-artist sharing and mutual support, Connector aims to address the arts ecology's systemic inequities and level the playing field. Built around trust, generosity, and other core ensemble values, it sidesteps the dynamics of the traditional touring/presenting model to put the power literally into artists' own hands through a mobile app that supports reciprocity, peer exchange, relationship building,and community care.



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Connector is made possible with lead funding from Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts


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